Sunday, 9 March 2014

GINS Post: Word Art!

Hello Everybody!

This post was created to share the word art that I created for a quotation in the novel Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong. I originally chose this quote because I found it most deeply connected with all of the issues that Duong discusses throughout Hang's lifeline. To read more about this please scroll under the photo.

The quote, "So this was life, this strange muddle, this flower plucked from a swamp" (39) best describes the novel Paradise of the Blind and the character Hang due to the many supporting details that have been introduced from the beginning of the novel to the end. More specifically, Hang faces the constant ups and downs of life including issues with her family and past. As she spends her time with both her mother and her aunt, Tam, she experiences two contrasting family members who affect her lifestyle and values. On one end of the spectrum Que, Hang's mother, shows a side of familiarity to Hang and weakness due to her never-ending loyalty towards her family. Whereas, Tam showcases to Hang a side of a women that is both independent and strong. These two major characters in Hang's life affects the perspectives that Hang has and the choices that she makes in the story. With all of these influences affecting Hang, as well as issues with her Uncle Chinh, Hang is left to battle the uncertainty that comes with life and develops as both an individual and a women. With all of these supporting pieces in mind, I once again, believe that this one quote stresses the main story line of the novel. As well, it also depicts the hardships that Hang faces throughout her life.

Overall I decided to make my word art simple and black and white due to the style that I imagined Hang to have. Hang, the main character, seems to be an average girl who is still blossoming (such as the flower of life) into the different moments that life will offer. As well, I also kept it as realistic as possible. Since Vietnam is still developing technologically in the time period of the novel, I wanted to portray this aspect while I was creating the piece. In other words, one could even imagine Hang as the one who completed the word art.

Hope you enjoy!

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