Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post: Empathy Free Write

Hello Everybody!

This is a short free-write that I was assigned to complete, the text below is a small paragraph on what my main character would feel and react like with Canada. The style that this piece is in, is a diary entry. The character is Hang and the novel that she is taken from is, "Paradise of the Blind," by Duong Thu Huong. Hope you enjoy!

April 16, 1997

"Vroom." My hands are gripping the seat, and my ears are buzzing, I am 2 minutes away from my new life. As the plane accelerates I can feel the blood rush to my head and my ears pop as it makes its last descent. Finally the ride is over. my every step off of the plane is purposeful and my body becomes more viscous and fluid, my mind is free from the government, the poverty, and the overbearing family honour I must always uphold. I am in Canada, and it is my new home. As I settle in the Vancouver airport, I finally start to feel overwhelmed and my emotions and tears start to spill out, I can still remember my mother's last look; the withered skin framing her eyes and the protruding bones around her neck act as a reminder of her pain and her miserable life. I silently play with my gold necklace and wipe my tears, replacing them with a smile and a reminder that this country holds my new dream and beginning. Taking a deep breath I stand and head towards the baggage claim, I am here and there is no turning back. Home. This is it.


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