Sunday, 12 May 2013

The House of Scorpion: Film Study

The Contrasts and Comparison Between Vincent (Gattaca) and Matt (The House of the Scorpion):

Brave and passionate, both Vincent and Matt are the two main protagonists in the film Gattaca and the novel the House of the Scorpion, respectively. Although both may share many similiar aspects there are few differences in their characters that tell them apart.

Vincent and Matt are both blessed with the love and support from their loved ones, that help them through their journey. However, each character experiences his own hardship, uncontrollable misfortunes, and must face the cruelty of society. In the House of the Scorpion, Matt is referred to as a beast (Farmer, 42), monster (Farmer, 44), and animal (Farmer, 39). During Matt's confinement, he was constantly reminded of his flaws and was traumatized by his captor, Rosa. Even when he escaped that dark past, he was forever in the shadow of Tom, a bratty and devious boy. Just like Matt, Vincent faced the same obstacles in that he is also over shadowed by his genetically perfected brother, Anton. In one section of the movie, Vincent and Anton swim out to the ocean, playing their favourite game "Chicken." On this particular day Vincent wins, proving that effort and perseverance enable an individual to reach his goals and the aspirations he has set in mind. This serves true in the House of the Scorpion as well. Matt is able to show Tom and prove to the people of Alacran that he is able to do well by achieving academic achievements and by showing some musical talents as well.

Vincent and Matt are both equipped with people who love, care, and support them throughout their journey. In the House of the Scorpion Matt has Celia, Maria, and Tam Lin to care for him, whereas Vincent has Irene and Eugene. During one of their private moments, Vincent and Irene are sharing information about their genetics when Vincent offers her one of his eye lashes to prove to her who he really is. Irene replies, "[I'm] sorry, the wind caught it". Although this may not seem like a significant event, it demonstrates that the depth of their relationship is beyond what is on the surface and is more about the internal beliefs and thoughts the two share. This type of bond and understanding also applies to Matt and Maria. On page 154, Maria refers to Saint Francis as an excuse to explain her relationship with Matt as similar to that of "humans" and "animals." The support gained from their friends and loved ones greatly impact each character's actions and enables them to harbour their dreams and have high hopes even throughout their difficulties.  However, Matt and Vincent differ in their aspirations; Matt wishes to rule Opium while Vincent's dream to visit the vast unknown is much more adventurous.

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