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The House of Scorpion: Connections to the Real World

The House of Scorpion: Connections to the Real World

Written By: Heather 

Novel By: Nancy Farmer

In The House of the Scorpion Farmer introduces to us a series of events that can be related back to real life issues that affect us everyday. A quick analogy that we can use to describe Rosa and the effect that society has on individuals is the trial of Jodi Arias.

On May 8, 2013 BBC News, issued a public news story on Jodi Arias and the first hand murder of her ex-boyfriend Alexander Travis in his Arizona home in 2008. Subject by the jury, Arias is accused with the initial murder of Alexander Travis and claims that the act was done solely for self defence purposes. Arias gives us farther information that Travis had originally abused her and she was often treated like a "prostitute". Travis was found in his home 5 days later, nearly decapitated, with 30 knife-wounds, and a shot forehead.

Rosa and the doctor have an on and off relationship that truly varies on their mood. "I love you. I'll do anything for you! The doctor pried her arms away. You're hysterical. I'll leave you some pills and see you in a month." (Farmer, 39) We see their relationship is very rocky and as the novel progresses their relationship does not remain stable but changes frequently based on events occurring and their attitude towards one another. During the imprisonment of Matt, we saw their relationship feed on the bitterness and evil intentions of the two. "You're a very strange woman, Rosa, but I have to admit the beast's in good condition." (Farmer, 43) They seek opportunities to bond over Matt's miseries and find that his sorrows are an enjoyment to watch.

Although Rosa's dementia and craziness does not reach to the extent of killing the doctor, we see there are many instances where she wants to cause physical harm because of the harsh verbal treatment that was used against her. "[Rosa] flew at the doctor and raked his face with her nails before he was able to grasps her wrists. She kicked and screamed, driving Willum back with the force of her rage. She actually bared her teeth like a wild animal..." (Farmer, 57) Rosa was pitted against herself and faced the brutal betrayal that the the doctor inflicted upon her. Later on in the novel we are reintroduced to Rosa once again; a mindless eejit that now tends to the horses. (Farmer, 147)

According to her claims, Arias is very similar to Rosa as she was also abused and verbally harmed by her "love interest". This current event and situation in the House of the Scorpion make it clear that both females were greatly impacted by the society and by other individuals. Arias is now faced with the prospect of going to jail for the rest of her life or being on the death toll. In both situations the two females are faced with frightful futures and are forever stuck to the consequences. These two analogies certainly show the toll of the society on individuals and how it may lead to dementia, craziness, and in this case, violence.

Overall I think that Farmer, did a great job at getting this message out towards her readers and was able to signify the importance of mutual respect and how it can lead to the sanity of individuals. These two examples, truly act as a moral for readers as it pertains to their own society. It also helps her readers connect with the characters in the novel and understand the hardships that they are going through; whether being emotional or physical.

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