Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Scorpion Project Introduction!


Hey Guys!

Starting from April 10th, I will be starting a new humanities project on the novel, The House of Scorpion. It will be completed with a couple classmates and should have a timeline of 4-5 weeks. If you look on the side you will be able to access the website, along with our recent blog posts of literary elements and some of the conversations that we have of the book. One of the things that I am looking forward to is the individual blog posts on characterization, theme, ect. As the year has progressed, I have really enjoyed discussing literary elements and actually interpreting and using my inquiry skills to depict what the author is writing about. I think this project will be challenging because it will be taking a lot of  our inquiry skills to try and interpret the message and themes that the author is trying to express through her story. I think the challenge creates a great aura of excitement and I believe that my group members are as thrilled as I am to start this new assignment. With our the first introduction I am already able to tell that the story will be riveting and I;m quite sure that there will be plenty of plot twists. (older version on left and modern version from the right). You will be able to access our website by the link on the sidebar, along with the other members in my group. Well I hope you enjoy the new edition to my listpiration blog that will soon be coming your way and I hope you're able to be "litspired" ;).


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