Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Thoughts So Far -Youth: Chapters 1 & 2-

My Thoughts on The House of Scorpion:

Hi Guys!

     So far I have completed reading the "Youth" section of The House of the Scorpion. In these few chapters we have been introduced to a couple of characters that include Matt, Emelia, Celia, Maria, and many more. I think that the introduction of the book has been great and the author has managed to pull her readers in an effective manner. One of the inferences that I have created, has to do with the actual making of the clones and the worldview and personality of Matt, himself. In a lot of the sub chapters, the characters show great dislike towards Matt. One of the things that I am curious about is why they dislike him. In fact here is a quote taken from Rosa, Matt's master and/or captor, "It's a sullen, evil tempered animal." [Pg. 43]. This was one of the many statements that Rosa used to describe Matt. From this one quote, we can see that Rosa and the majority of people in Alacran Estate hate clones and they view them as beasts and as wild animals.

     As the chapter progresses, my curiosity to know why they hate them overtakes me and the question echoes in my head. From the beginning of the chapter, we learn more about the embryos that Eduardo harvests. On page 1, Eduardo briefly describes that the clones will know exactly what they look like, their preference in food, and even their common interests with their original person. However they don't talk about their values, beliefs, or personalities. Despite the facts that this is a fictional book, I can sense that one of the morals within the book, is to be yourself and don't give into peer pressure. I think that a lot of the clone's reputations are harshly given to them and a lot of the "problems" that they cause are due to the scientists and societies choices. I think that Matt will be able to prove himself worthy in the few final stages and will show us that everyone has a choice in life and no one is obligated to follow the "mainstream".

     One last question that I am going to embed into your mind is if the clones were introduced into our society, how would they be treated?

     If you have read this book or have any thoughts on this question please comment below! Hopefully you have taken interest in to our novel study and we are able to inspire you to grab a book and start reading. Along the way try and "digest" what you have read and keep those literary elements in mind. Remember to challenge yourself and have fun along the way! :)


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