Saturday, 3 November 2012

Heather's Book Review #3 - Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride Book Review
A Novel By: James Patterson
Book Review By: Heather Ngo

They are running. Running away from the fear and the past that has been cruelly fabricated in the hands of others. Maximum Rider and her “family” have escaped from The School, a place where scientists are testing and forming a new species of human kind; pushing the limits of the human body and evolving it into something far beyond belief. Crafted to fly, Maximum is far from a normal girl, facing many decisions that determine their lives, she and her “family” embark on a journey that will determine where they come from, who and where their true families are, and who is their real friends and most importantly, their enemies.
James Patterson is an amazing author, who is superb at fabricating mysterious and thrilling novels. Patterson constantly keeps the reader thrilled and curious about what will happen next by using new and innovative ideas. In the story, Maximum Ride, Patterson focuses on the challenges that Max and her “family” must overcome to survive and figure out their roots. Max struggles through many difficulties and challenges that confront her. She faces Jem, a close father like figure who should be dead, a voice that only she can hear, and the constant reminder that death is approaching and can easy occur if she makes the wrong choices. On top of that, Max is burdened by the responsibility that she has towards her “family” and the fear of falling in to the clutches of the Erasers and the scientists once again. James Patterson clearly demonstrates a great use of words and a variety of vocabulary that sucks the reader in and keeps them engaged in the story and plot. Overall I thought that James Patterson crafted an exquisite novel, which focused deeply on the challenges that Max must overcome to survive and find her family. I would definitely recommend this book to intermediate to advance readers, who love marvelous action-packed stories with an innovative plot line.

Heather's Book Review #2 - Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena Book Review
By: Rick Riordan
Book Review By: Heather Ngo

Wandering through Rome, Annabeth shoulders the heavy burden of searching for the one thing that can avenge her mother. Although this is a quest that only she can complete, this does not stop Percy and their five friends from helping her. Together, the group begins their exhilarating journey and set sail on the Argo 7. Along the way, they are faced with many challenges, from resolving feuds between 2 camps, fighting with the deadly god Gaea, and facing vicious mythological creatures that stand in their way. When you're a demigod, even the chances of visiting the deepest and most dangerous depths of the underworld are possible. 

Rick Riordan is an exceptional writer, who is fabulous at fabricating adventurous tales that revolve around mythology.  He frequently catches the reader's attention, and keeps them engaged in the story through his word choice and ideas. By allowing readers to view the thoughts and opinions of characters, Riordan has strengthened the reader-character connection. There are a wide variety of personalities that each character possesses and drastic differences in their behaviour, which contributes a vast range of perspectives in one scenario. Furthermore, it also allows Riordan to deeply connect with a variety of people. For example, Percy's a free spirited and selfless person, who is brave and courageous. Although the gods take advantage of him, he continues to stay strong and complete the challenges that come his way, while saving his friends and the world itself. On the other hand, Annabeth is intellectual and brave. Because she is a daughter of Athena, schoolwork and intellectuality comes naturally to her. The main themes that Riordan focuses on are the challenges that Percy and Annabeth have to overcome to be together and the constant reminder of death approaching. The couple comes face-to-face with many challenges throughout their quest, which determines whether or not they can stay together and complete them without dying. Overall I thought Riordan crafted an excellent novel and I would recommend it, and the series, to anyone who loves mythology and adventure books.