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Litspiration Challenge #1 - Percy Jackson Quote

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters Litspiration Challenge

For my litsperation challenge, I decided to choose a quote from a book that I liked. In my word art above, I have included a quote that I personally sensed a means of importance that Percy Jackson had thought in the book, The Sea of Monsters. Although the piece of work that I have crafted for the litsperation challenge does not seem like an actual "challenge", I found that it was lot more difficult to make this piece than I had originally thought. Since I made this in Photoshop, I was not exactly familiar with software and I constantly experimented with the tools. I also had to think deeply and critiquely about the colours, the font, and the symbols that I included in to my word art. Overall I feel pretty impressed and proud with what I achieved considering the knowledge that I had about Photoshop beforehand.

Background Information:
The quote listed above is a thought by Percy Jackson in the book, The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. In the particular scene we are introduced to a couple of characters like Matt Sloan (a minor character who is the school bully), Tyson (and orphan, and Percy's only friend, in the human world), and Percy himself.

Tyson is a very unique and delicate person because he is 6 foot 3, has a huge build, and has massive strength. Although these may be physical characteristics that make up Tyson, internally he is emotional, shy, and just about frightened at everything; making him a very easy and likely target for school bullies. As well, Tyson is also an orphan who is poor and lives on the streets of New York City. At this moment, Matt Sloan and his "gang" are bullying and calling Tyson names when Percy cuts in and defends him. Once the scene is over, Percy thinks, "I was pretty much his only friend, which meant that he was my only friend."Throughout the story Percy continues to stick up for Tyson with out concerns of what others thought and continued to be a great and supportive friend.

Some of the things that I considered before I crafted this piece:

1.) Why:
The reason why I chose this quote out of many in the book, is because of the meanings behind it. Percy himself, is a very dynamic, brave, selfless, and courageous hero in the book, resulting in the becoming of a leader and a role model. When Percy thought this ("I was pretty much his only friend, which meant that he was my only friend."), we can not only sense the type of character that Riordan is building up, but we can also see a surge of kindness from Percy. I really liked this quote because it is telling us that despite the way that someone may look, we should not act and treat them unfairly without getting to know them and truly understanding them on the inside. It also shows us that we should be open to new and different people, while having an open mind about it. Although Tyson is different from the other students, Percy continues to stick by him and remain loyal to their friendship. The quote also shows us that despite what happens or what people may say, we must always stand up for what is right and to never resort in peer pressure and bullying. Overall I think that Percy sets a great example for his fans and the readers.

2.) Colours Used:
The reason why I chose to make my background colour blend from a white to a nice sky blue, is because I wanted to represent a beautiful and clear day. In the top left hand corner, it is supposed to represent the sun. When I added the appearance of the sun in to the corner, I wanted it to represent the light of hope and friendship that has shone upon Tyson. Ever since meeting Percy and having him as Tyson's friend, his life has changed. He is now able to have a feeling of friendship, security, and supportiveness.  I also wanted it to be taken as a "New Day" aspect. What I mean by this, is how we should act whenever something bad happens. Because there is always another day in the future, we should not dwell in the past and think negatively.  Instead we should look towards the future and think about the positive things that can occur. This is definitely something that Tyson needs, he is an orphan and he has been attacked by mythological creatures once before. With the help and push of Percy's friendship, he is able to get on with his life and enjoy it while he can. As for the text I made it yellow to represent the sun, this is once again chosen because of the situation on hand and the thoughts of lighting up Tyson's miserable life. As an additional side note, the blue can also be read as a sign of the ocean because Percy is the son of the sea god (Poseidon).

3.) Trident and Water:
Although the trident and water puddle in my word art does not necessarily tie in with my quote, I placed it there for readers to recognize that Percy is a son of the greek sea god (Poseidon). I added those 2 elements because I believe they make up a huge part of Percy's identity.

4.) Percy Jackson Signing:
Although it may look like Percy Jackson's signing was chosen randomly, I did put quite a lot of thought in to the font that was chosen. The font above is supposed to be representative of Percy's attitude, behaviour, and personality. Since Percy is dyslexic and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) I wanted to consider a font that is a little messy, while still being classic. I presume that Percy's normal writing is scrawled, I think this is so because he has never cared a lot about school and has always valued his friends and family the most.

5.) Benefits from Percy's Actions:
Because Percy is a great and loyal friend, it has lead to the alliances and connections in the future. With his easy going attitude, he is easily likeable and has plentiful friends who are loyal and trustworthy. From the beginning of the series to the end, we can see that this quote has carried on and has stuck with Percy for his entire life. In future books, Percy makes many new connections with the people who are usually branded the losers or the "freaks". This shows us that his character is very open and willing to accept new people. Overall Percy has been a source of light and hope to any one who crosses his path. Riordan created an excellent and dynamic character who readers can easily fall in love with.

*Special Notes:*
-Software Used: Photoshop
-The trident is not mine and completely belongs to:
-The font for Percy's signing is not mine. I was able to retrieve it at and the creator is El Stinger, to access more of his fonts please click this website:


  1. Wow, Heather, you have really been inspired by the detail in Percy Jackson! I love your word art!

  2. whoa this is AWESOME! Your analysis and reasoning for your word art was outstanding with its depth and critical thinking! Well done :)

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  6. Not only is the word art aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye, Heather has given much thought into each aspect that goes into her piece. I am blown away by the depth of consideration and the logical reasoning behind her choices. Wonderful!

    -H. Truong