Monday, 17 September 2012

Heather's Book Review #1: Shiver

Shiver Book Review:
A Novel By: Maggie Stiefvater 
By: Heather Ngo

Sam and Grace have been quietly watching each other for 8 years. Sam has always been in the forest watching Grace, but when an accident in town occurs involving the wolves, their lives intertwine in a way they’d never imagine before. Sam and Grace’s lives change course and head into a dangerous and love-filled world. Sam now needs to confront his frightening and haunting past to fight for the girl he loves and Grace must be strong and brave to keep the one and only thing she really cares about. The two embark on a difficult journey that takes them to the deepest corners of their hearts, where they find that staying together is worth everything even if it that means competing against deadly obstacles like time and the shiver.

Overall, Maggie Stiefvater crafted an invigorating book that focuses on the theme love conquers all. This theme is between the 2 main characters in this book. Grace is a sweet, selfless, and quiet person who must be brave to fight for the only person she really cares about and Sam is a young, wild, and complex werewolf that must fight for the chances to stay as a human. In the story Grace and Sam must overcome plentiful challenges that come in their way, such as facing a savage werewolf and confronting both of their pasts. Sam and Grace are destined to be together ever since Grace's frightening past, their lives has been filled with memories of each other, and the thought of each other’s absence is unbearable. Stiefvater clearly paints a photo in to the readers mind and allows the audience to fall in love with the simplicity and the sweetness of the characters and their actions. Stiefvater clearly represents and transitions her thoughts in an understandable and simple way, making the book accessible to all readers. She crafted an amazing book, which really indulged and captivated the reader while focusing deeply on the theme love conquers all. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story about werewolves and love.